Products Support Policy and Terms of Service


Things to know, BEFORE purchasing our products or services

        • We provide complementary support to our customers within 48-72 hours of support ticket submission (depends on complexity of the issue)
        • Complementary support is included with your purchase (if purchased through Envato marketplaces) and is valid for 6 months (or 12 if extension purchased) from the date of purchase.
        • All support communication is done through support ticketing system only, no direct e-mails.
        • All support inquiries are equally important to us and there are no ’emergency’ cases.
        • In case you have an emergency case which requires you to get ahead of the support queue line – we suggest purchasing premium support.
        • We will not be held responsible for any deadlines or delays in your/your clients projects.
        • Complementary support will be provided only for original, NON MODIFIED PRODUCTS. If you have an issue with modified product – you will be asked to install non-modified version to replicate the issue on original files on your server, before further support will be possible to provide.
        • Modified products can be supported through premium support or custom development.
        • We do not provide support for issues arisen on local servers. In such cases you will be asked to setup the same product on actual hosting account.
        • Support is provided for one instance of the product per one regular license within support time period. Once complementary support period ends – you will be required to purchase premium support or extend support through Envato.

Now in more details … what kind of support is included?

We provide complementary basic support for our products within support time period, which includes answering questions about how to use our products, technical questions about its functionality, assistance with any bugs/malfunctions. Full terms of what is included in complementary support can be found on Envato support policy page. We strive to respond to all requests within 48-72 hours, in same order requests come in. Please note that we are not responsible for any delays in your projects and we will not tolerate rudeness in any sort of way, such requests will be ignored.

What is not included in ‘Basic Support’?

        • Third-party plugins and integrations
        • WordPress Support & How-To’s (There is plenty of information on forums for that)
        • Addition of New Features
        • Extending Default Product Features
        • Product Modifications and Customizations
        • Coding lessons. We cannot teach you HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or any other language
        • Product installation on your server

Can you install product on my website for me ?

We certainly can, however it is not included in basic/complementary support. Each product comes with installation manual and if you follow instructions it should take you less than 5-10 minutes to install. If for some reason you don’t want to install it yourself or you have issues with installation which you don’t want to debug through support system, or you don’t want to spend time on looking for solution – we can install our product for you on your site however it will cost you $50 USD (paid upfront, non refundable, product must be purchased by you and valid product license must be provided along with FTP/MySQL access information). It is important to understand that this is only product installation, and not INTEGRATION into your site (by all means, it is not the same). If you have purchased premium support plan through our site and it is still valid (or still not used – in case of single support ticket) – we will install the product for you waiving the $50 installation fee.

Ok, how do I contact you for support?

We only offer products related support via support section on our site. We will NOT provide any support via direct e-mail. If you are experiencing account problems with our support system, please feel free to contact us via e-mail, but only under these circumstances.

When can I expect to receive reply from you?

Our business hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm (EST) and support is provided only at that time. Upon submitting your request, we make it our goal to respond within 48-72 hours.

I need custom adjustments, can you do it?

Certainly! We can assist you with any custom development or custom design whether it is related to our products or not. Our standard hourly rate is $100 USD per/hour. Custom development quotations are provided only through direct e-mail, you can send your technical description to [email protected] or fill out the contact form on our website. We will reply with a quote within 24-48 hours.

I think I found a bug, what should i do?

If you found a bug in one of our products you should submit a support ticket online here. We try to address any bugs as quickly as possible once they are brought to our attention. Once we have corrected, tested, and updated our product, we notify of an available update ready for download via our blog, Envato notification service and a newsletter to our subscribers, you can then head on over to the envato marketplace to re-download the new version of the product free of charge.

Do you offer ‘reseller/developer licenses’ for your products?

At this time – no. We sell exclusively through ENVATO marketplaces and each product installation must be accompanied with unique license key.

I have issues with your product and I want refund.

Unfortunately we cannot issue any refunds for any of our products. If you do want to get a refund you must contact ENVATO directly.
Please note though that any custom design or development work, and premium support are non refundable neither by us nor by Envato.

Important to understand that some bug or issue may popup here or there (either due to software malfunction or due to third party environment changes, like hosting software upgrade, or wordpress version update).
We won’t be held responsible for any delays or damages because of such bugs, issues, malfunctions etc., however, we do promise to fix OUR software bugs & malfunctions as soon as possible (released as an update) if such are found.

As always, if you find any issues with our software – we urge you to send detailed description to us (through support system or contact form) so we could look into it and address.