Premium Support

Comes in 3 different support packages:

support1 support2 support3

With Each Option You Get:

Top Priority – Front of the line
Premium Support tickets are top priority and are bumped to the front of the support queue.
Insurance & Peace of Mind
Premium Support provides a solution for your issue within shortest possible times. If solution cannot be provided due to some limitations not related to us – we will provide instructions on what is required in order to resolve the issue.
Expert Troubleshooting
Whatever the issue is, we will do our absolute best to resolve it for you. We will also explain what the issue was and how to avoid it in future.

Basic or Premium ?

Answering questions about how to use the item
General questions about item and functionality
Answering technical questions about the item
Help with defects/bugs/malfunctions (if any)
48-72 hours response time
General questions & item usage questions
Rapid response times
Advanced technical support
Setup assistance

Fine print & general conditions

Premium support entitles you to faster service (along with other perks mentioned above), however it doesn’t mean that your ticket will be resolved immediately after you make a payment. We generally work from 9am to 6pm during business days (our team is located in EST timezone) – and this is the time when we provide the support. We do try to resolve premium support tickets outside the normal business hours and on weekends as well, however this is not guaranteed nor implied.

Please note – we do not provide refunds for premium support or any other services/products. Please refer to our terms of service for full conditions