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This script allows you to have a quick & easy payment terminal for your clients to pay with major credit cards on your website without leaving it, using elavon.com  as a payment processor. You just need to put this script into any directory on your hosting account, edit configuration file and give the link to your customers.  There are 2 options to pay: first option is that customers can input price themselves and type description, second option you can turn on pre-defined services and customers will select service from dropdown. Please note: in order to use this script you need to have SSL installed on your server, script must be run under SSL (https:// instead of http://) and you must have elavon merchant account.


1)   After downloading and unzipping contents find folder elavon-payment-terminal. Inside that folder there will be includes  folder where you will find file “config.php”. Open it with any text editor and edit following: (There are comments in the file describing each of variables)

  1. Line 20 – global page title
  2. b. Line 22 – administrator email for new payment notifications c.    Line 24 – default transaction currency (USD set by default)
  3. d. Line 26 to Line 31 – array with services (Service name / price)
  4. Line 34 – variable which helps to turn on/off services dropdown. If set to “false”  – description field and amount fields will be shown on payment form, if true – dropdown with services.
  5. Line 39 – little helper variable to turn on/off automatic HTTPS:// check and redirects user in case page accessed through regular http://, if you don’t have SSL installed on the server this should be “false”, however please note that to go live YOU MUST HAVE SSL INSTALLED.
  6. g. Line 42 – Switch between test and live mod
  7. h. Line 51/52/53 – Elavon user_id, merchant_id and PIN.
  8. h. Line 70-80 – Redirect customer to the specific URL after successful payment. Set to “False” if you don’t redirection, “True” if you want to redirect and enter page URL for redirection

2)   Upload all files to any location on your hosting account and you are ready to accept payments!

As stated before several times – you must have SSL certificate to accept payments through elavon/internetsecure merchant account.


You can easily edit terminal styles in style.css  – code is commented in sections there.

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Published: March 11, 2016 Updated: September 22, 2020

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