Stripe Payment Terminal v2.3.0 released
CriticalGears CriticalGears
November 14, 2022

We have just released a new improved version of Stripe Payment Terminal v2.3.0 with new features, improvements and bug fixes


The long awaited update is finally released. The following features, improvements and bug fixes were included in this release:


– Feature: added partial refund functionality;
– Feature: added plugins functionality;
– Feature: added native Stripe Apple Pay integration;
– Feature: added native Stripe Google Pay integration;
– Feature: added native Stripe Microsoft Pay integration;
– Feature: added option to enable/disable items from frontend;
– Improvement: payment confirmation email now contains product name;
– Improvement: reCaptcha is now enforced after 1 failed backoffice login attempt;
– Improvement: system now sends full customer data to Stripe with the payment;
– Improvement: improved reset password email;
– Bug: fixed issue with getting CraftCMS available plugin updates;
– Bug: fixed issue with custom JavaScript payment actions;
– Bug: fixed subscription service processing when only 1 service exists;
– Bug: fixed undefined variable errors in invoices section;
– Bug: fixed issue when not selecting billing country would return error and charge the card;
– Bug: fixed issue when subscription information would not be passed to paypal;
– Bug: fixed JavaScript Uncaught DOM Exception error;

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