Stripe Payment Terminal v2.2.0 Released
CriticalGears CriticalGears
September 28, 2020

We have just released a new improved version of Stripe Payment Terminal v2.2.0 with a lot of new features and fixed bugs

– Feature: Added option to refund payments through the terminal;
– Feature: Added recurring items in an invoice;
– Feature: Added taxes for products & services option;
– Feature: Added option to pre-set invoice terms & conditions;
– Feature: Added option to send a copy of the invoice (CC/BCC);
– Feature: Added option to set transaction fee to charge on top of what customer is paying;
– Feature: Added option to choose time zone;
– Feature: Added track invoice email viewing;
– Feature: Added track invoice print/pay;
– Feature: Added bi-monthly recurring option;
– Improvement: Compatibility check with custom database prefix implemented;
– Improvement: Added new states and provinces selector;
– Improvement: Added paid invoice indication on the PDFs;
– Improvement: Show transaction ID for invoice payment;
– Improvement: Add warning to admin that invoice was paid;
– Improvement: Added “date created” column to payments report;
– Bug: Issues with MySQL Strict Mode fixed;
– Bug: Fixed issue with subscribing to recurring payments through PayPal;
– Bug: Monthly total in Fixed price item;

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