BookingWizz Booking System v6.0.5 released
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February 13, 2024

We have just released a new version of BookingWizz v6.0.5 with improvements, bug and security fixes

New in version 6.0.5

– Bug: fixed few PHP 8.0 / 8.2 warning errors
– Bug: incorrect date booked in rare cases due to error in cancel booking function
– Bug: fixed mixed https errors in console
– Improvement: outside of hours before booking timeframe events will now say “Unavailable” instead of “Past Event”
– Improvement: email templates are now stored in the database, instead of local files
– Security: changes in install.php so it would not expose the default user and password
– Security: fixed potential SQL injection related security vulnerabilities
– Feature: Added option not to send unconfirmed reservation notifications to admin
– Feature: Added option to select whether to send payment confirmation to admin
– Feature: Added option to add multiple email addresses for payment confirmation notification
– Feature: Added option to edit email templates within the administration area with WYSIWYG tool
– Feature: Added holidays section which adds option to block out a certain day’s events or services due to holidays schedule
– Feature: added option to make booking comments field mandatory
– Feature: added option to change label for booking comments field
– Feature: added option to add placeholder text for booking comments field

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