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Accepting credit cards on your site has never been easier!

Stripe Payment Terminal WordPress is a WordPress plugin designed to make it easy for you to accept payments and subscriptions on your WordPress site. You can create services (one-time or recurring, with trial periods) and assign them to payment buttons which then can be placed anywhere on your site. There are 42 pre-set button designs for you to choose from, or you can use our button generator and create your unique personal button. We’ve also added 369 FontAwesome icons that can be placed on the buttons.

Another great feature that we’ve added is “Sync from Stripe” option. Let’s say you subscribed a customer to monthly payments through our plugin. Usually, the next customer charge (in a month or etc.) would not appear in your application, however, by adding “sync from stripe” functionality – you can easily load the last 100 transactions that are not recorded in our app database. So, by syncing – you will have all customers recurring charges in one place. This will allow adding proper reporting tools a bit later to this product.  To ensure the payment safety our plugin supports SCA for single payments.

We will be happy to hear your suggestions and ideas for improvements. 

– securely accept credit cards information without storing it on your server
– accept payments on any page / post
– one time payments
– recurring payments
– trial periods
– unlimited services addition
– super easy installation 
– transactions viewer with filters.
– filter transactions by date period
– sort and search transaction list
– sync transactions from stripe (recurring transactions will appear in wp admin if synced)
– 42 pre-set button designs
– very customizable button generator (adjust colors, select button corners, edit text, add icon, icon color)
– 369 button icons (by
– create services (one-time payments, recurring payments)
– assign services to buttons or
– pre-set button payment amount or
– let your customers enter their own amount on checkout
– optional comments field (turn on/off per button)
– optional lightbox popup (tunr on/off per button)
– user buttons as shortcodes OR as a widget (Widget allows to display generated button)
– option to cancel recurring subscription from within wordpress admin (with notification to client/customer)
– supports all Stripe countries, including BETA’s (Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain)
– credit card type guesser 
– javascript credit card validations
– php credit card validations (for no-js fallback)
– new payment confirmation email for administrator with full customer information (except sensitive card information of course)
– “payment received” confirmation email for customer
– easy switch between Test environment and Live environment
– option to enter custom amount by customer
– option to export CSV/PDF and print for transactions;
– custom frontend form CSS
– option to disable unsupported credit cards
– much more to come (we have several ideas for this product, and we’re always open for suggestions from you guys!)

15 August 2023
v1.6.7 released:
– Feature: states/provinces for other countries now allow freeform entry;
– Feature: taxes are now available to add to services/manual amount payments;
– Feature: tax labels are editable per service;
– Feature: option to enable/disable invoice number field along with phone number field;
– Feature: plugin is now translatable; added POT file;
– Feature: added Spanish (es_ES) & French (fr_FR) translations (PO/MO files);


10 April 2023
v1.6.6 released:
– Bug: CORS issue fixed with admin-ajax.php;


28 March 2023
v1.6.5 released:
– Bug: all services dropdown does not show up;
– Bug: non service payment does not display amount;
– Bug: input value by customer does not display option to enter value;
– Bug: recurring services price shows twice in UI;


15 March 2023
v1.6.4 released:

– Improvement: ajax.processing.php requests now conform to modern WP standards;

– Feature: Stripe Sync now cancels the subscriptions in case Stripe cancels it on their end;


18 November 2022
v1.6.3 released:
– Bug: button generator fix;
– Bug: shortcodes not working in some cases;


21 October 2021
v1.6.2 released:
– Improvement: revised code of the plugin to conform to WP standards;
– Bug: fix for proper Stripe payment errors display;
– Bug: transactions recording in the database;
– Feature: introduced updating from within WordPress capability;


5 January 2021
v1.6.1 released:
– Bug: issue with Stripe sync


27 October 2020
v1.6.0 released:
– Feature: added export to CSV/PDF for transactions;
– Feature: added option to print transactions;
– Feature: added option for custom frontend form CSS;
– Feature: added option to disable unsupported credit cards;
– Feature: added option to control phone number from settings;
– Feature: added option to control terms and agreement checkbox;
– Feature: added option to enter custom amount by customer;
– Feature: added form generator;
– Improvement: new frontend design;
– Improvement: new backend design;
– Improvement: Mobile responsiveness improved;


6 October 2020
v1.5.1 released:
– Bug: issue in SCA support for single payments
– Bug: issue with services amount >$999
– Bug: issue with service description not transferring to Stripe


5 December 2019
v1.5 released:
– PHP 7+ support added
– updated Stripe library to latest available version – 5.1.5
– SCA support for single payments added
-“no such plan” error fixed


28 October 2016
v1.4 released:
– non-existent service ID’s will now display and error
– updated Stripe library to latest available version – 4.1.1
– includes TLS v1.2 files (if you have issues processing live transactions – you must update)


1 July 2015
v1.3 released containing bug fixes & new functionality:
– replaced all mysql queries with wpdb for compatibility on servers with PHP 5.5+
– added option to change email notifications sender name and email in settings
– added new currencies supported by stripe
– added option to specify thank you page URL per button
– added paypal payments-standard redirect as payment option
– prettyPhoto library updated to v3.1.6 (security update)
– recurring services return to thank you page fix
– fixed option for customers to be able to enter amount
– added option for customers to cancel subscription through link in the email


17 February 2015
v1.2 released containing bug fixes:
– minor bug fixes



10 March 2014

v1.1 released containing bug fixes:
– fixed error for amounts >999 
– fixed display of transactions in overview 
– fixed transactions paging 
– removed all php shorttags 
– mktime() fix 
– current month/year card validation fix 
24 January 2014
Small update submitted for review, including 
– fixed hint 404 error 
– fixed minor typo 
– fixed email templates – now include proper currency (based on admin selection) 
I really like the unique approach the author provides with regard to any payment terminal -- in this case, for those of us who prefer Stripe. The lightbox is modernistic, and completely customizable. I'm also appreciative of the fact that the author responds to questions/concerns in the plugin's forum in a timely manner.Jason Paul Weber

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