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Advanced domain manager is client and domain management tool which will help you to never forget about upcoming domain name renewal. Adjustable cron script allows to set notifications for any amount of days, even if you want script to remind you about renewals due in 5, 10, 20, X days, this can be easily achieved. Reminders are sent to admin email address which can be edited in script settings screen. Script has database management tool which will allow you to backup/restore script database and also your clients hosted databases (if clients database is on the same server as your script.) Script requires PHP5 and MySQL database to work and comes with updated WHOIS script!

– automatic reminders to email (cron)
– password protected administration area
– store as much domain names as you need
– manage clients and their domains
– manage ftp/mysql/webmail/cpanel/ any other important info per domain, and never loose it again!
comes with installation wizard!
– auto-whois domain registration/expiration dates and registrar!
– update all domains in your database with 1 click (registrar, expiry/reg info)
– easily create custom cron-email notifications! (hosting must support cron!)
– Easy database backup and restore.
– One-Click client hosted database backup
– Updated php-whois script, new registrars and domain names supported.


CRON setup
Customizable cron script which accepts “days=num_of_days” parameter so you can set multiple cron jobs with different number of days for notifications (for example setting up 3 cron tasks with 3 parameters days=30, days=60, days=90 will send you notifications regarding domain name expiring in 30,60,90 days) – hosting account must have ability to set CRON tasks in order for this feature to work. If you don’t have such ability in your hosting account , script can be run manually by URL , it still will work and send you notice (manually).



Control Panel
Username: admin    Password: pass




Updates/Change Log

25 Oct 2019 – v3.0 released

– automatic database backup (CRON)
– .fr .nl .au whois renewal date fix
– added support for PHP7.2
– removed several deprecation errors and undefined variables warnings.
13 Jan 2011 – v2.0 released
28 Feb 2010 – v1.0 released.
28 Feb 2010 – .fr error fix (.fr renewal from whois will be updated later) + security issue fix update available


PHP 5.2 and above
MySQL 4.1 and above

Product works great, customer support was even better!Brent

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