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This script allows you to have a quick & easy payment terminal for your clients to pay with major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover) on your WORDPRESS website without leaving it. Installation and configuration of the script takes less than 5 minutes (however you do need to have SSL and one of 10 merchant accounts (PayPal, OptimalPayments, Moneris US or Moneris Canada,, Elavon, InternetSecure, Stripe, Payment Express, FirstData (linkpoint), eWay).

There are several options to pay: 
1) customers can input price themselves and type description. 
2) you can pre-define services which your customer will pay for, without need to enter amount.

3) or you can pre-define services and customers will need to enter amount themselves for selected service.

– unlimited services addition
– super easy installation 
– transactions viewer with filters.
– filter transactions by date period
– sort and search transaction list
– customizable widget area fields
– shortcode [ccpt_paybutton] – use it to add “pay” button to any post/page on your blog!
– shortcode [ccpt_paybutton id=”X”] (where X – service ID) – use it to add “pay” button for particular service you’ve setup in services section, can be added to any post/page.
– Script is compatible with our WP PayPal Payment Terminal (you can use that to accept regular paypal payments) 
– php credit card validations (for no-js fallback)
– automatic http to https redirection in lightbox – when you’re going live (on/off in wp dashboard file)
– setup services with pre-defined prices
– option to input any amount by your customers (with description)
– new payment confirmation email for administrator with full customer information (except the card information of course)
– “payment received” confirmation email for customer
– easy switch between test environment and Live environment (on/off in wp dashboard)
– easy to attach your database “order update statement” or “insert new order statement” upon successful payment in source code.

Version 3.4.1 – released on January 8, 2023
– bug: fixed issue where in some cases tabs in admin were empty
– improvement: updated Elavon payment processing
– improvement: added Elavon test credentials
– improvement: updated Moneris Canada / Moneris USA payment processing

November 18 2019
– Stripe SCA complience added
– PHP 7.2 support added

August 5 2014
– fixed colorbox load issues (conflict with other plugins)
– pay button styling fixes

December 31, 2013
– added support for wordpress 3.8 & improved layout

November 9, 2013
– added support for wordpress 3.6, 3.6.1, 3.7, 3.7.1
– fixed eWay “invalid amount” issue
– fixed Moneris Canada issues with wrong API
– added Moneris Canada & Moneris US API test credentials to documentation

May 7, 2013
– improved admin interface
– updated to our latest release
– updated paypal pro terminal to our latest release
– added credit card type guesser for front end form
– added payment express payment terminal
– added firstdata (linkpoint) payment terminal
– added eWay payment terminal
– added stripe payment terminal
– fixed shortcode issues
– added optimalpayments test environment
– fixed moneris thousands separator in amounts
– fixed wrong amount sent in email notifications
– fixed thousands separator in amounts
– separated Elavon and InternetSecure in terms of processing code
– removed scriptaculous dependency

January 18, 2012
– added new payment gateway: Elavon/InternetSecure

October 16, 2011
– fixed 2 php short tags
– fixed optimal payments, moneris ca, moneris us, terminals when using shortcode for particular service.
– paypal error 10571 is now treated as success in paypal payment terminal.

1) You MUST HAVE MERCHANT ACCOUNT with one of the following companies: PayPal Pro, OptimalPayments, Moneris US or Moneris Canada,, Elavon/InernetSecure
2) You need to install SSL certificate before going live
3) cURL must be enabled on your hosting account

Regular Licensing Terms for Envato Clients

When you purchase an item you are in fact purchasing a license to use that item. Different licenses give you different rights of usage. For most instances our Regular License is most appropriate.

Terms Overview

The Regular License grants you, the Purchaser a non-exclusive, non-transferrable right to make use of the work that you acquire (Work).
YES – The regular license allows you to use an item within a project of your own or on behalf of a client. For example, you could use an item purchased under a regular license in a website, a presentation, a promotional video, a poster or a free game. For web content a regular license is suitable for use on a single domain or single subdomain or single directory. For most buyers the regular license is sufficient.

NO – The main thing you cannot do is offer the item up for resale either on its own or as part of a project. So you can use the item in a free game, but not in a game that is on sale. You can use the item in a website, but not in a web template that you sell.

Terms Description

Your use of the Work, under the Regular License, is subject to the following conditions:

(a) Your use of the Work is limited to a single application.

(b) Where the Work is an installable software application designed to help perform singular specific tasks, the use of the Work is limited to a single concurrent usage. In these cases, the “single application” of the Work is its installation. Examples of Works where the output can be used on many projects as long as only one copy of the Works is running at any one time are:

   1. Flash .MXP (extension)
   2. PhotoShop .ABR (brushes)
   3. PhotoShop .GRD (gradient)
   4. PhotoShop .PAT (pattern)
   5. PhotoShop .ASL (style layer)
   6. PhotoShop .ATN (action)
   7. PhotoShop .CSH (custom shape)
   8. TrueType .TTF (font)
   9. OpenType .OFT (font)
  10. PostScript .PFM (font)

(c) You may use the Work alone or you may incorporate the Work into another work you are creating.

(d) Unless you have our prior written consent, you must not directly or indirectly license, sub-license, sell or resell or provide for free the Work or offer to do any of these things. All of these things are referred to as Resale.

(e) You may reproduce the Work.

   1. in a printed format or;
   2. on a website or;
   3. in an electronic document such as a PowerPoint presentation or an eBook or;
   4. as part of software you create or;
   5. in a video production or;
   6. in a music track.

(f) You may use the Work in a work which you are creating for your own purposes or for your client who has asked you to create it.

(g) You must not incorporate the Work in a work which is created for Resale by you or your client.

(h) If the Work is used or incorporated in a work there is no restriction on the number of copies of that work that can be reproduced and distributed (provided the use/incorporation remains a single application and the copies are not for Resale).

For example, you may incorporate the Work, such as a graphic, in a brochure you design for your client. An unlimited number of copies of the brochure incorporating the Work may be made but the Work cannot be incorporated in any other application. The brochures must be distributed to recipients at no charge to the recipient.

(i) Notwithstanding the restriction on Resale, if you acquire the Work on behalf of your client you may recoup from your client the cost of acquiring the Work.

(j) If the whole, or part, of the Work has been created using materials which are the subject of a GNU General Public License (GPL), your use of the Work (or part Work) is subject to the specific terms of the GPL in place of the foregoing conditions (to the extent the GPL applies).

(Previously referred to as: Single Use, Limited Licence and Single Use No Resale Licence [“Single Use”])

Extended License

Unfortuntaly we do NOT offer an Extended License with our  products at this time. Please contact us if you want to re-sale your final product that incudes our scripts.

An amazing support! Prompt reply on the forum and kind explanation to all my concern. Highly recommended!Amiel

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