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Current Version 1.5.2


BookingWizz for WordPress – is long awaited addon which will allow you to integrate bookingwizz into your wordpress site without any hassle. Plugin will install bookingwizz for you (bookingwizz must be purchased and uploaded to your site root) with a click and will seamlessly integrate whole system interface into your wordpress site, you will not have separate login to manage your events/bookings/calendars. BookingWizz for WordPress has 2 widgets and 6 shortcodes at the moment.


Included Widgets
1) Calendar widget – can show single calendar(service) which you will select in widget settings (appearance -> widgets) or it can show all calendars (drop down will appear on front end).
2) Upcoming events widget – at the moment you can select which calendar events to show (can be all) and how many events to show.


Included Shortcodes
1) [BW_calendar] – will display calendar on any post / page. If there are multiple calendars in the system – will display drop down in top right corner to select needed calendar.
2) [BW_calendar id=”calendarID”] – will display single calendar (service) of your choice, without any drop downs. Make sure you change calendarID to actual ID of the calendar (you can get that in the list of all services table)
3) [BW_events_list] – will display all events from all calendars for current month
4) [BW_event id=”eventID”] – will display information and booking button only for particular event. Event ID can be retrieved from events list table in administration
5) [BW_attendees_list eventID=”X”] – will display attendees list for particular event. Event ID can be retrieved from events list table in administration

6) [BW_calendar id=all lang=english] – will display calendar in desirable language (English, Spanish, French)


this product requires BookingWizz v6.0+ to be present on the same site root. This product is fully compatible with BookingWizz Credit Card Payments. BookingWizz Credit Card Payments module is not included in this addon, and optionally can be purchased separately.



Version 1.5.2 – released on February 13, 2024

– Improvement: Added support for new BookingWizz v6.0.5
– Improvement: Added Email Templates navigation menu item


Version 1.5.1 – released on June 03, 2020

– Security: Added sanitization & escaping of all input data before output
– Improvement: General code cleanup
– Improvement: Removed inline styling/scripting where possible
– Improvement: Added strict directive to all JavaScript and jQuery scripts
– Improvement: Implemented wp_enqueue_script/wp_enqueue_style where needed
– Improvement: Updated jQuery library
– Bug: issue with upgrading



Version 1.5.0 – released on May 15, 2020

– Improvement: Updated code to support BookingWizz v6.0.0
– Improvement: Added PHP 7+ support
– Improvement: Added better mobile responsiveness
– Feature: Added option to switch language when using calendar shortcodes
– Feature: New widget which allows to look up available calendars (“rooms”) for selected period
– Feature: Added option to change language in shortcodes [BW_calendar id=all lang=english]



Version 1.4 – released on June 16, 2014
– updated code to support BookingWizz v5.5
– fixed background issues
– updated header menu in wordpress bookingwizz dashboard
– added canonical URL and nofollow attribute for calendar months (next / prev) (seo purposes)
– adjusted default event font color
– fixed paths issues for non lightbox booking form
– fixed issue with multiple calendars on same page
– fixed dead link in single service calendars in certain cases


Version 1.3 – released on January 15, 2014
– fixed several bugs
– added support for BookingWizz v5.4
– added support for WordPress 3.8


Version 1.2 – released on May 1, 2013
– added shortcode menu to editor
– added compatibility with BookingWizz v5.3
– added new shortcode [bw_attendees_list eventID=”X”] which allows to insert attendees list to page or post based on eventID
– adjusted how calendar works: removed red tooltip, added onclick event for calendar cell. If “show spaces available” enabled in admin – will be shown on the calendars at once.
– fixed several bugs impacting functionality
– added compatibility for jQuery 1.9.1
– overall code improvement


Version 1.1 – released July 17, 2012
– modified shortcode for events list (now has calendar selector if multiple calendars used)
– fixed issue with wordpress location not in root during install process
–  fixed schedule page – now has selector (must update to bookingwizz v5.2.1)

Initial version released on July 4, 2012

This WordPress plugin requires BookingWizz 6.0.+, which must be purchased separately. Credit card payment plugin also not included and can be optionally purchased separately.

Fantastic customer support, many mediums of quick contact that always result in a positive outcome. I've used them several times for projects for various clients and it's a great system with great support that work around the clock to get our issues resolved (the few there are)! Would recommend as I have done before already :)Levantos

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