Our payment processing scripts facilitate just about any form of online payment, from all major payment processors.

This script allows you to have a quick & easy credit card payment terminal for your clients (Visa, Master Card, American Express) processed by authorize.net Installation and configuration of the script takes less than 5 minutes (however you do need to have SSL and authorize.net merchant account). There are 2 options to pay: first option is that customers can input price themselves and type description, second option you can turn on pre-defined services and customers will select service from dropdown.

1) no accordion – http://demo.criticalgears.io/authorize-terminal/
1) with accordion – http://demo.criticalgears.io/authorize-terminal/index_with_accordion.php

Please select VISA , any credit card name, card number should be – 4007000000027 with any CVV, and any future date.

– credit card type guesser

  • – replaced deprecated AIM method with new Authorize.net API
    – “PayPal payments standard” as payment option (enable/disable in config.php)
    – Recurring Billing (Authorize.net ARB and PayPal Website Payments Standard “Recurring”)
    – with Trial Periods (both authorize.net and PayPal payments)
    – Subscription cancellation functionality for authorize.net
    – Subscription cancellation and payment refunds email notifications for Paypal website payments standard
    – javascript credit card validations
    – php credit card validations (for no-js fallback)
    – comes in 2 versions, with accordion and without
    – 1 configuration file to edit.
    – automatic http to https redirection (on/off in config file)
  • – option to redirect customer after payment (config file)
    – setup services with pre-defined prices (in config file)
    – option to input any amount by your customers (with description)
    – new payment confirmation email for an administrator with full customer information (except the card information of course)
    – “payment received” confirmation email for customer
    – easy switch between Test environment and Live environment (config file)
    – easy to attach your database “order update statement” or “insert new order statement” upon successful payment.

    Attached jquery ui, jquery tools accordion, and colorbox functionality.


v2.4.1 – 12 April 2021
– Improvement: disabled autocomplete on the payment form;
– Bug: fixed recurring transaction error message processing;


v2.4.0 – 11 May 2020
– Improvement: replaced deprecated AIM method with new Authorize.net API
– Improvement: added option to redirect customer after payment (config file)


v2.3 – 25 November 2019
– added PHP 7+ support


v2.2 – 13 November 2015
– added reCaptcha by Google (enable in config file)


v2.1 – 05 August 2014
– fixed issue with paypal URL listener
– added customer fields to ARB processing
– fixed issue with mktime() error
– added default timezone (US/Eastern) in config.php
– removed all eregi statements
– fixed issue with amounts containing ”,”
– adjusted paypal ssl call


November 16, 2012 – v2.0
– added credit card type guesser 
– added paypal payments standard as payment option 
– added recurring billing (Authorize.net ARB and PayPal Website Payments Standard “Recurring”) 
– added option to set trial periods (both authorize.net and paypal payments)
– added subscription cancellation functionality for authorize.net 
– added subscription cancellation and payment refunds email notifications for paypal website payments standard 
– fixed some other minor bugs & issues 
– overall code improvements

Important Notes:

1) You need to have authorize.net merchant account
2) You need to install SSL certificate before going live with this terminal
3) cURL must be enabled on your hosting account

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