Product works great, customer support was even better!

Peter Smak

Just a very good plugin!

Stephen G.

Great option for making credit card payments through paypal directly from your own website and very easy to use. Also, after purchase I discovered excellent support on the developer’s site.

Kapil Bhutkar

Very easy to implement , nice work.


i have been using the script on a lawyers website for easy payments and it gets used and abused and has still held up solid. great and useful code! thanks a TON!

J. Perrin.

Thanks a ton! Works great for what I needed!

Michael B

Very good customer support. 5 stars !


Easy to use and it works just like what I wanted. Thanks +5 stars customer support!


It’s really hard to find an affordable solution for Moneris Canada when you only have a few items/products, well once i found this i was skeptical at first when looking at the price. But I have to say it’s a fairly straight forward script that’s easily configured, documentation is very detailed and best of all […]


Excellent! Worked like a charm!